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The USRDS Renal Data Extraction and Referencing (RenDER) System is an online data querying application, accessible through the USRDS website that allows access to a wealth of information regarding end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in the United States. The information contained in RenDER complements the data published annually by the USRDS in its Annual Data Report (ADR). RenDER quickly returns a data table or an interactive map based upon the user's query specifications.


The USRDS is developing a new data query system that allows substantial customization by the user. Beta versions of this system for incidence and prevalence are currently available.

ESRD Incident Count

ESRD Prevalent Count

At present, the USRDS is revising the data query interface to enhance its functionality. Currently, information on incident and prevalent ESRD counts are available in this new format, and the system will be expanded to incorporate additional data in the future to replace RenDER. To obtain population counts or estimates within the U.S. for use in rate calculations, visit

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