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Free Communication Session
Methodologies to Minimize Bias in Statistical Analysis
USRDS Special Session
United States Renal Data System: 2000 ASN Symposium
Geographic differences in initiation of peritoneal dialysis & associated mortality
Comparizon of medical care before ESRD, & choice of modality by ethnic group & modality
Body mass index & biochemical parameters of patients at initiation: a comparizon of hemodialysis & peritonial dialysis
The geographic distribution of prevalent ESRD patients by treatment modality, 1998
EPO therapy with inadequate IV iron dosing is less likely to increase low hemotocrit levels
The number of patients wait-listed for renal translant is growing faster in the 45-64 age group.
Cadaveric & living organ donation rates: Trends for 1992-1993 & 1997-1998
Comparizon of rates of preventive services in ESRD vs. non-ESRD patients
A comparison of rates of influenza & pneumococcal immunization in ESRD & non-ESRD patients.
Percentage of pre-dialysis & pre-transplant patients receiving EPO, and their associated hematocrit values.
Geographic variability in hepatitis C diagnosis rates among ESRD patients
Ethnic differences in the incidence of end-stage renal disease in the United States
Is survival of dialysis patients after AMI related to renal network?
Is there improved survival of dialysis patients after coronary artery bypass surgery with internal mammary artery grafts?
Female pediatric pretoneal dialysis patients have higher cardiac death rates than males
How often do patients with 3-month rolling average hemotocrit of 33%-36% have monthly values of > 36% or > 39%
Geographic differences in mean EPO doses
Trends in US hemotocrit levels using 3-month rolling averages
Do renal transplant recipients receiving internal mammary grafts during coronary artery bypass surgery have improved survival?