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USRDS Special Session
United States Renal Data System: 2002 ASN Symposium
Impact of pre-transplant eGFR on the outcome of living donor pre-emptive renal transplantation.
Using older donor kidneys increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease & infection after kidney transplantation.
Lack of association between cytomegalovirus (CMV) risk & cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality after kidney transplantation
Assessment of anemia management in the ESRD population using the CPM data source
Trends in intravenous iron use in dialysis patients in the United States
Long-term survival of dialysis patents in the United States with bacterial endocarditis
Lipid testing in Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes & chronic kidney disease
Diabetes, hypertension and heart disease in patients starting renal replacement therapy.
Membrane-associated mortality in incident & prevalent hemodialysis patients.
Membrane-associated morbidity in incident & prevalent hemodialysis patients
Glycosylated hemoglobin testing in Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes, with & without chronic kidney disease.
Clinical characteristics & outcomes of incident ESRD patients with neoplasms/tumors as the primary cause of renal failure.
Identifying comorbiditites in ESRD patients using administrative data
Model-based adjustment of disease rates
Clinical characteristics & survival of patients with renal failure caused by rare diseases.
Estimating the adjusted survival of dialysis patients with the Cox proportional hazards model
Anemia as a risk factor for incident dementia in hemodialysis patients.
Characteristics & predicators of survival in ESRD patients secondary to multiple myeloma.
The increasing burden of diabetes in United States ESRD patients