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USRDS Special Sessions
Overview of the ESRD program: Infectious Complications and Catheters
CKD & outcomes in the general population: Which Test, Which Formula?
Predialysis Education and Incident Patients' Modality Choice and Transplant Wait Listing:Findings from the CDS
Medication Trends in Dialysis Patients—Focus on Medicare Part D
Trends in Medication Use after Kidney Transplant
Acute kidney injury –Influence of race; Outcomes of AKI
Free Communication Sessions
Association between Early Acute Rejection and All-Cause Kidney Allograft Failure Has Increased While the Incidence of AR Has Decreased over a Recent Decade in the US.
Continued use of Transfusion in the Transplant Waitlist Population, Even Among Non-Sensitized Candidates.
Increasing Use of "Riskier" Deceased Kidney Donors in the US in the Past Decade.
CKD, Metabolic Abnormalities and Outcomes in US Adults < 65: CKD-EPI or MDRD Formulas?
Cardiovascular Medication Use in Kidney Transplant Recipients
Frequency of nephrologist claims prior to ESRD initiation, by CKD stage
Medicare Part D enrollment & medication use & costs in US dialysis patients in 2007
Use & costs of antidiabeticmedications in U.S. adult dialysis patients with Medicare Part D in 2007
Use and costs of phosphate binders in U.S. dialysis patients with Medicare Part D in 2007
A comparison of cost distribution during the transition to ESRD in the US & Taiwan
Racial disparity in hospital admissions for vascular access infection among incident hemodialysis patients
Racial disparity in mortality, by identified CKD stages in elderly Medicare patients
Sources of drug coverage among Medicare beneficiaries with end-stage renal disease
A comparison of comorbidity in CKD patients based on MDRD vs. CKD-EPI equations
CystatinC, mortality risk, & clinical triage in US adults: threshold values & hierarchical importance
Pre-dialysis dietitian care & survival during the first year on dialysis
Use and costs of ACEIs, ARBs, and ReninInhibitorsin U.S. adult dialysis patients with Medicare Part D in 2007
Discriminators of death and survival in the first year of hemodialysis: Threshold Values and hierarchical importance –The United States Renal Data System
Mortality patterns & day of the week: the United States Renal Data System (USRDS)