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USRDS Renal Data Extraction and Referencing (RenDER) System!

The USRDS Renal Data Extraction and Referencing (RenDER) System is a new online data querying application accessible through the USRDS website, allowing access to a wealth of information regarding End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) in the United States.  It quickly returns an accurate table of data or interactive map based upon the user's query specifications.  Tables can then be copied into a spreadsheet application on the user's computer for further manipulation and investigation.  Map images can be copied or saved to local applications, and a dbase file download (can be opened in MS Excel) of the data is offered as well.

The USRDS RenDER System has been designed to allow easier access to some of the most frequently requested data.  The USRDS publishes an Annual Data Report (ADR) that thoroughly covers many of the statistics regarding ESRD.  However, the report cannot reasonably contain some of the more detailed tables often requested by the research field.  RenDER allows users to "drill down" into the data behind many of the tables published in the ADR, allowing cross interaction among various demographic fields.  

A tutorial for RenDER has been developed and is accessible via the RenDER Home Page.  The tutorial is designed to "walk" users step-by-step through the current interface and provides a few examples to help users better understand the system.  We encourage you to view the tutorial prior to using RenDER in a live setting.  For your convenience however, there is a "View Tutorial" link on the live form for concurrent reference while using the system.

Before using the live system, we ask that users register by providing some basic information.  This information will not be shared with anyone, nor will it be used for any purpose other than to track access and use on the RenDER System.  You will not be put on any email lists by registering with the RenDER System. Users need only register once.  After setting up a RenDER password, users should log in via the "log in" link on the RenDER Home Page.

This is version 3.0 of the RenDER System, and as with any new venture there are both known and unknown, limitations and bugs.  We are continuing to develop RenDER and plan to continue enhancing the functionality of the interface.  We plan to eventually add the capability for additional rate calculations, graphing capabilities, as well as an expanded database.  To obtain population counts or estimates within the U.S., for use in rate calculations, visit

We at the USRDS are happy to receive any comments or suggestions our users may have to share. To submit comments click here.

Thank you for visiting the USRDS RenDER System!

Happy data mining!

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